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Gold-filled vs. Solid Gold Jewelry

I find that many consumers are perplexed by the differences between Gold-filled and Gold-plated jewelry; as-well-as the differences between Natural Pearls and Cultured Pearls. Today I would like to address the gold-filled verses gold-plated issue. To keep it short and simple, gold-filled consist of an actual layer of karat gold pressure bonded to another metal (usually rhodium, brass or sterling silver). There is 5 to 25 times more karat gold content in gold-filled jewelry as compared to the miniscule coating of gold in regular gold-plated or electroplated jewelry. Unlike the plating on gold-plated jewelry, which can flake and rub-off in very short periods of time, gold-filled is regulated by the government and must meet stringent quality standards. Gold-filled jewelry looks and, when properly cared for, can last a lifetime, like a solid gold piece. But, unlike solid gold jewelry, once the solid gold outer layer on gold-filled pieces is penetrated, the core metal will be exposed and alter the appearance of the piece. However, this is less likely to occur with gold-filled as opposed to gold-plated jewelry. Because of the substantial amount of gold in gold-filled jewelry, it is regularly purchased by precious metal refiners. It is not cost-effective for refiners to purchase gold-plated jewelry for refining the miniscule amount in gold it contains. Check out this link for additional information.

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