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Latest Addition to Our Museum-Quality Cameos

This museum quality cameo brooch/pendant is the latest addition to my collection/inventory. It is by far the finest piece that I have been able to acquire in my years of collecting. It is carved from a sardonyx shell and measures 65mm x 50mm (2.5" x 2"). The mounting is 18k gold. A cameo carver requires the skills of an artist and the ability of a sculptor to bring a piece to life in a three-dimensional form. The carver must also have the technical know-how to evaluate the individual qualities of the carving material to best use its unique characteristics in the finished artwork. It takes a Master carver years to develop the expertise needed to render heirloom quality pieces. A collector will easily recognize the work of a Master carver when comparing the attention to details in the renderings of several pieces. Subscribe to my blog and check out this and other quality cameos and custom-made pieces at

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