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  • Explosive Study On Cat Communication

    What an explosive new "Japanese Cat Communication" study means for cat owners looking to bond with their cats In case you're not a follower of all things cat research, I'm happy to present a breakthrough study on the matter… This new study has showed us something fascinating about how animals think and comprehend us.
  • Aggression, Obedience, Barking, and Brain Training

    Brain Training For Your DogUnlock Your Dog's Hidden Natural Intelligence Quickly and EasilyDownload Your FREE eBook Here Dog training for a firs...
  • Should You Microchip Your Pet?

    Micro-chipping is a consideration cat and dog owners should seriously investigate. Many shelters routinely microchip animals in their care, but some don’t. Micro-chipping is a very important step for the safety of your pet. Many pets go missing every day.
  • Loving Our Cats and Dogs

    In the ceaseless discussion over which makes a better pet — canine or feline — felines have been taking a thrashing recently. It's a senseless contention in the first place: Why must we regard one animal variety prevalent? What conceivable great does that serve? What's more, it's generally an exercise in futility.