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Should You Microchip Your Pet?

Microchipping is a consideration cat and dog owners should seriously investigate. Many shelters routinely microchip animals in their care, but some don’t. Microchipping is a very important step for the safety of your pet. Many pets go missing every day, and the microchip makes it much easier to return them to their rightful owners when they do. Microchips have unique numbers, which are added to a national pet registry along with your contact information. If your pet goes missing and is taken to a shelter, they will scan for a microchip, and the information on the national registry will enable them to contact you.
Are there any risks involve with microchipping? With any procedure there's always some risk to the pet. Although extremely rare, complications do occasionally occur during chip implantation. In addition, there is a very minute chance, however unlikely, that a tumor could develop at the site. The microchipping procedure is extremely benign, with most pets feeling only a minor pinch when the needle breaks the skin.

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Realizing what a microchip is and what the risks are, it's time to decide whether the cost justify the investment. Average cost is between $40 to $50, not extremely expensive, but still a significant amount for many pet owners. Many vets offer package deals in which the price of the microchip is included with other necessary services. Occasionally, animal shelters even offer the service for free or at drastically reduced rates.
If your pet spends much time outdoors, microchipping is definitely an investment worth making, especially since they can wander far and wide in a short period of time.
When it comes to safeguarding your pet, the cost and risks of microchipping are a nominal investment, especially when compared with the harsh realities your pet could face if you can't track him or her down on your own. Also, make sure that you update your vet or the national pet registry if you move or change your phone number, since a microchip is useless if no one can make contact with you.

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