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Fatherless Homes Shocking Statistics

Fatherless Home Shocking Statistics

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Research conducted by the National Fatherhood Initiative®, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, shows a direct relationship to the adverse psychological effects experienced by a child raised in a father-absent home.

Statistics show that children raised in a home absent of a father have a higher risk of: Emotional and Behavioral Problems, Neglect and Abuse, Poor School Performance, Teen Pregnancy, Incarceration as Juveniles, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Criminal Activity, Suicide, and a lack of other emotional and social skills.

Fathers, don’t let your kids fall into these statistics. Be ever-present and a guiding light in your children lives.

Click the above image to help us help animals that are victims of abuse, cruelty, and hardship. Every day numerous animals are abandoned, displaced, and/or orphaned, and are left to fend for themselves in an unknown environment.

Since 2012 my company, ALCJR Enterprises, has been a supporter of the Richmond,
Virginia-based nonprofit, 
Richmond SPCA.

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