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Mental & Physical Health Benefits of Puzzles

Solving puzzles requires the recognition of patterns and a general level of deductive reasoning. There are many types of puzzles that come in general forms such as jigsaw, Rubik’s Cube, and a host of other mechanical and dexterity types. Many mathematical puzzles involve the use of the acronym, BODMAS. BODMAS stands for Bracket Of Division, Multiplication, and Subtraction. In short, BODMAS explains the order of operations to solve an expression.
Puzzles of all types help to improve hand-eye coordination and short and long-term memory. They are designed to test and strengthen your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). They help to develop a keen relationship between what your eyes see, what your hands do, and what your brain can relate to the information it is receiving. There are also health benefits of solving puzzles, such as improving memory and IQ, delaying dementia and Alzheimer's, and lowering stress.

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When I was in elementary and junior high school I failed to recognize the importance of the seemingly ridiculous puzzles and other problem-solving skills that my teachers were trying to develop in me. But as I grew older I could relate to how they truly prepared me to address what life had in store for me. They helped to enhance my ability to learn, understand and remember, as well as developed in me organizational skills, patience, and perseverance.

Over the years I have been increasingly passionate about solving puzzles. Even as a child I experimented with taking toys, small motors, and other electrical gadgets apart to examine the inner workings. Yes, even this is a type of puzzle-solving. This helped to develop my skills for what I was to encounter in my adult years. It provided a level of deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills needed to solve many of the home, automotive, and other mechanical repairs I’m now faced with daily.

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To sum it up, solving a puzzle is a great pastime for the young and old alike. Puzzles provide good practice in manual skills, visual perception, and cognitive skills responsible for organizing and strategizing the steps in its completion.

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