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Three US Currency Bills Most Will Never See in Their Lifetime

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Although completely cashless society may sound appealing to some, and strides to making it possible have been obtained, it is not yet a reality. Many of us still find it necessary to carry cash despite the magic of cash apps, PayPal, Square, and credit cards.
The use of large bills has decreased dramatically. Most were purged from circulation in 1969. One contributing factor is that they have been greater targets for counterfeits versus smaller denominations. Three denominations that most consumers will never see in their lifetime are the $100,000, $10,000, and the $5,000 bills. Printed in 1918, the $100,000 bill has which of the “Founding Fathers” face on the front and a soaring eagle on the back? This “Founding Father”, among his other accomplishments, is credited with founding the country’s financial system. Therefore, it is fitting that he found his way onto some U.S. currency.

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The individual found on the $10,000 bill may be the most accomplished politician in our nation's history never to have served as president. However, he was a governor of, and senator from, Ohio, and served as Secretary of the Treasury under Abraham Lincoln and became chief justice of the Supreme Court. He is remembered by most people as the guy on the $10,000 bill.
Initially issued to finance the Revolutionary War, the $5,000 bill was only officially printed by the government when the Civil War began. The face of the individual who was the fourth U.S. president and is often referred to as the "Father of the Constitution" because of his role in writing America's founding documents, graces the front of the $5,000 bill. 


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