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Engage God's Word with Puzzles, Games, and Trivia

How often do you reference and read God’s Word? Do you use the Bible as a resource and guide for addressing the challenges of life, and avoiding the pitfalls that so often entrap us? As Christians, we often fail to rely on this valuable resource for directions in our everyday lives. Why? Is it because we struggle to understand the verbiage of the various bible translations available to us?

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Learning and reviewing facts about Bible characters, Bible history, and more can be a lighthearted, engaging endeavor. The stories found in the Bible contain drama, humor, love, tragedy, and life-changing experiences; everything that we experience in our lives today! Rather than only being able to recall well-known texts, scriptures, and characters, there are entertaining ways to delve deeper into the lesser-known facts of the Bible. Although Bible knowledge is anything but “trivial”, the ability of Bible-centered puzzles, games, and trivia facts is a fun and challenging way to make engaging God’s resource for living more attractive to those who otherwise would not turn to the Bible for guidance.

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