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Pearl Shapes Are Divided Into Three Categories:
Spherical (Round) Perfectly Round Pearls are Extremely Rare and Expensive.
Symmetrical (Not Round: Tear-drop, Pear-shape, and Other Well-balanced Shapes),
and Baroque (Irregular Shaped Pearls)

Please Note! Unlike other precious gems, there are no internationally recognized grading standards or systems for pearls.

We Use the Pearl Industry Most Recognized "A" Grading Scale for Quality:
Lowest – Highest,  Grade A – Grade AAA, and Gem-Quality
Increases of one or two millimeters in pearl size can make a significant difference in the price. Size, shape, and quality matter!

Any grading above AAA would be considered a Gem-Quality pearl that has near-perfect characteristics of size, luster, shape, color, surface, nacre quality, and match. We offer no-nonsense affordable pricing on our pearl jewelry and guarantee that our quality-grade will match or exceed that of our competitors.

This cross-cut section of a  cultured pearl shows the various layers of a tissue-nucleated freshwater pearl. Freshwater pearls produced in China are traditionally “tissue nucleated”. The nuclei of the host mussel consist of a small, approximately 1-3mm, piece of mantle tissue obtained from a donor mussel and inserted into its soft body. The presence of this foreign body stimulates the pearl sac formation and the development of a pearl. Tissue-nucleated freshwater pearls are the closest in composition to a natural pearl since they are made primarily of concentric layers of 100% solid crystalline nacre. Conchiolin, an organic protein produced by the mollusk, functions as a base coat and is generally the first layer deposited by the pearl sac. It acts as a form of glue or adhesive and surrounds the bead or tissue nucleus. Alternating layers of conchiolin and crystalline nacre will continue to form causing subsequent nacre layers that are produced to bind together.

Whether you buy from us or someone else, we want you to be well informed.

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