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Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Partner

We won't take your partner's side. But we will help your relationship.

How much do your REALLY know about your significant other?

If you already are married or you're planning a walk down the aisle in the near future, your chances of making it are 1 in 2. Those odds don't sound very good, do they? But you don't have to leave the fate of your marriage up to chance. It's possible to ensure that you and your partner are on the same page before saying your vows, or make your marriage stronger than it already is.

How do you do this? By asking the right questions.
Questions for couples that really matter.

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When people fall head over heels in love, it becomes easy for them to ignore the glaring differences between them and their partner. Unfortunately, these differences don't go away
after the ceremony - they just become more obvious.

Yet, even if you've attempted to have some tough conversations about your desires and viewpoints, you most likely didn't know the right questions to ask to spark the most useful conversation.
That problem has been solved with Michael Webb's book, "1000 Questions for Couples"
It's not just a way for you to get closer to your significant other, it's a way to break down the barriers and tackle the issues that you've been avoiding.
Don't you want to put new life back into your relationship and ensure that you won't be headed down the path of divorce? It may seem like hard work, but the results are so rewarding.
Get started today!

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Make Time For Your Relationship- Click here!

Time and time again, I hear people say that they don't have enough hours in the day to be romantic and show passion to their partner in life. We all have the same amount of time given to us each day as everyone else does. It's how we prioritize the time that might be different. Besides our relationship with our Creator, the time spent with our significant other should be the most important to us. More important than your job. More important than the money you make. More important than exercise and more important than our friends or other family members.

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