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Spanish-made Damascene Brooch with Inlaid Rose

Spanish-made Damascene Brooch with Inlaid Rose

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Spanish-made Damascene Brooch with Inlaid Rose. Trombone clasp.

Damascene jewelry is made by inlaying different metals into one another. 18k or 24k yellow or rose gold and/or silver is inlaid into a darkly oxidized steel background to produce the intricate patterns.

We guarantee our buyers are getting authentic Damascene pieces. We periodically acid test the gold and silver content of the Damascene pieces we buy and sell to verify they are inlaid with 18k/24k gold and/or silver precious metals. Beware of cheaply-made Damascene look-a-like pieces on the market that contain no precious metals. Damascene pieces made in Spain are generally prong-set into the mounting. Japanese produced pieces are generally glued into the mounting.

Size:  43mm x 20mm.
Weight: 8.3 grams
Material: 18k/24k Inlaid in Oxidized Metal 
Mounting:  Base Metal
Period: c1940
Origin: Spain
Inventory Number: 1659

Condition: Very good antique condition. Keep in mind that most of the jewelry that we sell are vintage/antique pieces and will show signs of wear and age. The detailed photos that we provide are to be considered part of the item's description.
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