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As an introduction to ALCJR Enterprises' new offering of children and adult coloring books, I'm calling on all adult novice coloring enthusiasts! Are you ready to showcase your creative skills and win a cash prize? ALCJR Enterprises' exclusive semi-annual coloring contest is now open to all USA residents aged 18 and older. Get ready to unleash your inner artist and participate in an exciting competition that celebrates creativity and talent. The rules and guidelines, the submission process, and the judging criteria are outlined below. Don't miss this chance to let your creativity shine and be a part of something truly special. Join our adult coloring contest today and take your artistic talents to the next level!

Rules and Guidelines

No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win! To ensure fair competition and an enjoyable experience, all participants must download, print, and use the same required image for coloring (download from this link: Download Image). The mediums used are limited to crayons, markers, and colored pencils. No paints of any kind will be accepted. One entry per person! Submitting more than one entry will void your eligibility. Contest will run from July 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024.

Prizes and Rewards

The winner will receive a $100 VISA gift card, bragging rights, and a chance to showcase their work on ALCJR Enterprises' website. This cash reward is just waiting for the most creative and talented individual. Now that you know what's at stake, let's move on to how you can submit your masterpiece for a chance to win. Based upon participation, other prizes may be awarded.

Submission Process

Participants can easily submit their masterpieces by scanning or taking a clear photo of their completed coloring page, and CLICK HERE to submit. To qualify, Submissions must be received by 12:00 am (EST) on December 31, 2024. If submitting a photo of your work, it should be a closeup and ONLY include your artwork (crop your photo to exclude background images). Accepted image formats are JPEG, PNG, and PDFEnsure that you include your complete contact information on your entry form, as well as your full name and age on the submitted artwork (example: John Doe, Age 25). Remember, creativity is key in this contest, so feel free to let your imagination and color palette run wild. Once you've submitted your entry, the judging process will begin to determine the most innovative and vibrant coloring creations. Get your submissions in soon to see if your masterpiece will catch the judge/judges' eyes.

Judging Criteria

Our judge/judges will be looking for creativity, originality, and overall artistic expression in each submission. We want to see how you've brought your unique vision to life on the coloring page, whether through color choices, intricate details, or a fresh interpretation of the design. The more your piece stands out and captures attention, the better chance it has of winning the contest.

Remember, there are no limits to how you can approach coloring your creation. You can experiment with a combination of the three accepted mediums (crayons, markers, and colored pencils), techniques, and styles to make your entry truly stand out. We encourage participants to express themselves freely and push the boundaries of traditional coloring conventions. Show us what sets your submission apart from the rest and gives it that extra spark of originality.

Participants agree, without arbitration, to be bound by the final decision of the winning entry by the judge/judges. The winner/winners will be contacted/announced by email not later than January 11, 2025. If successful contact is not achieved by January 11, 2025, an alternate winning participant will be chosen.

In conclusion, our exclusive semi-annual adult coloring contest is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your creativity, unleash your artistic talent, and compete against other talented novice artists. Don't miss out on this chance to let your imagination run wild and be recognized for your skills. Join now and let your colors tell your unique story. As Pablo Picasso once said, "Every child is an artist; the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Embrace your inner artist and participate in our contest today!

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