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About the Owner

Arthur is the owner of Midlothian, Virginia-based ALCJR Enterprises, a retailer of antique, vintage, and handcrafted silver and gold jewelry. ALCJR Enterprises is a Virginia state certified (#687871) Small, Woman-owned, and Minority-owned (SWaM) business.

Arthur not only markets his own products, but his business ventures have expanded into the Digital Marketing field.  He truly believes that the wave of the future is in internet marketing.

To assure his customers of the gemstones, and the gold and silver content and quality used in the vintage, antique, and custom-made pieces he buys and sells, Arthur has made a substantial monetary investment in diagnostic equipment and countless hours of training. He wants you to be confident with your purchases. A few of the tools he uses in identifying natural and lab-created gemstones and precious metals that he sells from their fake/simulant look-a-likes are the Presidium Gem Tester II, Dichroscope, Spectroscope, Amscope with a darkfield condenser, DiamondNite diamond and moissanite tester, UV 365nm light,  KeeGold Tester, as well as acid testing for precious metals. Buy with confidence from ALCJR Enterprises!

Arthur has authored and published two editions of Cameos, Timeless Masterpieces of Glyptic Art (ISBN 978-0-9752760-1-3). He is the exclusive designer and crafter of the silver and gold jewelry that bears his registered trademark (Reg. # 5695147).

A lover of animals, Arthur dedicates a portion of his personal and business resources to nonprofit organizations that support orphaned, abandoned and neglected animals that have been victims of cruelty and abuse.