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By recognizing the significance of early childhood education in shaping reading abilities, parents and educators can work together to create a supportive learning environment that sets children up for success in literacy.

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My Video Books Are Recommended for Children Ages 3 Years and Older.

These files are fairly large (allow time for them to download).

Phonics Kingdom Quest vBook Image

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Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a kind and curious little princess named Sarah. Princess Sarah loved to explore the magical world around her, and she especially loved books. But there was one thing that puzzled her - how did all those letters on the pages come together to make words?

5.14 Minutes in Duration
Available in MP4 - H.264 codec format!

Grace's Magical Cookbook - Video Book

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Grace discovers an old cookbook with magical recipes that can grant wishes. As she experiments with the recipes, she learns valuable life lessons and realizes that the true magic lies in helping others. Through her culinary adventures, Grace discovers the power of kindness, friendship, and selflessness.

6.27 Minutes in Duration
Available in MP4 - H.264 codec format!

Elijah & Taboo's Unforgettable Journey

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Elijah & Taboo's Unforgettable Journey - A tale of a boy and his trusty dog who wandered away from his family's campsite and got lost in the jungle. In their effort to find their way back they came across friendly animals that had the ability to talk. These animals all contributed to the success of Elijah and Taboo returning safely to the camp and their parents.

8.23 Minutes in Duration
Available in MP4 - H.264 codec format!

Todd, the Inventor Who Learned From His Mistakes

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Todd, the Inventor Who Learned From His Mistakes - Your child will learn from this inspirational Animated Video Book! Todd, a young boy, made some mistakes while he was inventing things, but they actually helped him get better. Making mistakes is part of learning and growing. Even though he messed up sometimes, Todd never gave up. He kept trying and eventually, he became a great inventor. So, don't be afraid to make mistakes, just keep learning from them and you'll grow too!

8.31 Minutes in Duration
Available in MP4 - H.264 codec format!

Martha's Garden of Hope

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Martha's Garden of Hope - There was a little girl named Martha. Martha loved flowers more than anything in the world. She loved their vibrant colors, their sweet scents, and how each flower seemed to have a special message to share. One day, Martha got a brilliant idea. She decided to plant a garden filled with special flowers that represented hope and resilience. Each flower would symbolize a different aspect of the fight against cancer, such as courage, strength, and love. Martha called it her "Garden of Hope." And so, Martha set out on her beautiful adventure.

9.53 Minutes in Duration
Available in MP4 - H.264 codec format!


Max and Barkley Cover Image

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The Brave Pup and the Boy Who Believed - a captivating children's book that will ignite a fire within young readers, inspiring them to embrace their fears and unlock their full potential!

Join Barkley, an adorable and timid puppy, on a journey of self-discovery as he finds his forever home with Max, a spirited and compassionate young boy. Together, they embark on a series of exciting escapades filled with laughter, friendship, and invaluable life lessons.

Don't miss out on this captivating tale that will inspire your little ones to embrace their fears, stand tall, and discover their truest selves. Order your copy of "The Brave Pup and the Boy Who Believed" today and embark on an unforgettable journey that will leave a lasting impact on your child's heart and soul.

5.10 Minutes in Duration
Available in MP4 - H.264 codec format!

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Venture into the magical realms of fantasy with our collection of fascinating video books. These unique digital books are here to transform the traditional reading experience, blending captivating tales with engaging animations. Designed for the digital age, each vBook is narrated, fostering your child's reading development and sparking the imagination. Dive into the vibrant worlds, get to know the animated characters up close, and experience the dazzling narrative brought to life! I've crafted these to entertain, inspire, and invoke children's attention, fueling a lifelong love for reading. Truly, these are not just books, but an immersive experience that blends imagination with learning in an enchanting way. Enjoy the magic of storytime anytime, anywhere with these digital books. Perfect for bedtime stories, afternoon adventures, or any quiet time children want an inspiring tale. Let your children discover the joy of reading, reimagined.
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