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ALCJR Jewelry Creations

Dog Lover Signed "©JJ" Jonette Jewelry Co. Pewter Brooch

Dog Lover Signed "©JJ" Jonette Jewelry Co. Pewter Brooch

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Designed for Animal Lovers, and Those Who Believe Animal Lives Matter.
Size: 50mm x 49mm
Period: c1970 - 2006
Material: Pewter

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About our Jonette Jewelry Co. (trademarked ©JJ) animal theme collection: The now defunct Jonette Jewelry Co. was founded in c1943 in Providence, Rhode Island. Founder, Abraham Lisker, named the company Providence Jewelry Co., and later when his brother join the company, renamed it, Lisker & Lisker Inc. During WWII the firm discontinued operations due to metal shortages brought about as the result of government restrictions. Abraham Lisker restarted the company after the war ended and renamed it Jonette Jewelry Co., using the names of his parents, John and Etta. Since the production of these beautiful figural and novelty jewelry pieces ended in September 2006, after approximately 63 years in operation, the remaining original inventory bearing the trademark, ©JJ, is becoming more scarce, and highly collectible. 

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