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Freshwater 7-8mm Pearl with Sterling Silver Cage

Freshwater 7-8mm Pearl with Sterling Silver Cage

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Freshwater Pearl (AA+ Quality) in Sterling (.925) Silver Cage. This exquisite 7-8mm white freshwater pearl has excellent luster and a surface that is 90% free of any blemishes, spots, or imperfections. The AA+ Quality Grade is next to the highest grade of pearls in the "A" Grading StandardPlease Note! Unlike other precious gems, there are no internationally recognized grading standards or systems for pearls. The pearl industry most recognized "A" grading scale for quality is used in evaluating the quality of our pearls.

The Sterling (.925) Silver pearl cage that comes with this pearl allows you the option to change the stone or pearl at any time with an alternate 7 - 8.5mm gem of your choice. Pearls and other gemstones are available in many colors to suit your attire.

18" Heart-link Chain Included!

Our Pearl Quality Standards

Grade A Pearls Pearls typically have irregular shapes or are semi-round. Small spots, markings, or imperfections are visible on their surface, but may not be easy to see at a distance when worn. Although they usually don`t have the best luster, some A-grade pearls can still look good.
Grade AA Pearls AA-graded pearls have 80% good luster and are relatively clean, without significant or noticeable imperfections. There may be some flaws or slight blemishes, but these are few and typically only revealed upon close inspection.
Grade AA+ Pearls High-luster pearls with a 90% clean surface. There are hardly any significant or noticeable imperfections, and they are inconspicuous even upon close inspection. These pearls are a great value since they represent an amazing cross-section of price and quality compared to the higher grades.
Grade AAA Pearls

Pearls with excellent luster, and have a surface that`s 95% free of any blemishes, spots, or imperfections. These are the highest grade of pearls in the "A" Grading Standard that you`ll be able to readily buy.

Gem Graded Pearls

After the AAA grade, these will be the fancy names that each store has for its own best pearls. This category includes the absolute best quality pearls. Although no pearl is absolutely perfect, these pearls are as close to perfection as can be reasonably expected.

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